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Larry asked: Re the following – does this apply to highway ENTRANCES and EXITS, e.g. ACCESS roads that are NOT the highway? I ride my bike to work, and there is about ONE mile between bike lanes, including an overpass and less than a mile that is where cars are exiting the highway onto a city street AND entering the highway from a local road. It is NOT the highway and – in fact – is separated from the highway by concrete barriers! Is FHP within their rights to harass me for riding on the WIDE SHOULDER of this road?
Operation on limited access highways
[FBA is working with FDOT to modify this section to provide access to bridges and other roads where there are no surface street options to access destinations] 
[§316.091] No person shall operate a bicycle on a limited access facility, except as otherwise provided. No person shall operate a bicycle on an interstate highway.


It is difficult to determine any laws that apply from what you have provided.  If a roadway is closed to bicycle traffic, there should be signage indicating so.  The FHP should not be harassing people.  They should be enforcing the applicable laws.  I suggest asking the FHP, either directly to the officer or to their substation, what laws apply to the section of the roadway and right of way to which you refer.

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  1. Larry:

    1) Would you be so kind as to describe the precise location of this problem area, such as the highways’ names or numbers, or the GPS coordinates, because I’m having a difficult time visualizing the situation.

    2) Can you describe exactly how FHP officers have been harassing you?

    3) Can you elaborate on the paragraph that begins with “FBA is working with FDOT to modify this section . . .”? Although the legislature grants FDOT rather broad powers, it does not have the authority to change the language of any statute. Specifically, what has FBA told you that it is trying to accomplish through FDOT?

  2. This may be a similar situation. Broward County is to build a bypass-road through Port Everglades with the intent of relieving traffic on SE 17th Street. Alan Cohen the assistant count administrator said bicycles and pedestrians will not be allowed to use the road.

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