Motorized Scooter in a Bike Lane


John asked: I have an electric motorized scooter. It has no seat or paddles. Its maximum speed is 18.6 mph. Does it require a driver’s license?
I know I’m not allowed to ride it on the road or sidewalk but is it allowed to drive it on the bicycle lane?


Good on you for knowing the law about motorized scooters.  That applies whether or not you have a driver’s license. More on that here,

You are missing one point though.  As indicated in the link above, a bike lane is part of the roadway.

Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices

23. Bicycle Lane—a portion of a roadway that has been designated for preferential or exclusive use by bicyclists by pavement markings and, if used, signs.

3 Comments on “Motorized Scooter in a Bike Lane

    • My roommate just got in trouble with the law, and they impounded his mini motorcycle scooter under 50 cc. They arrested him,
      threw him in jail, now he has to go to court, because he never register -ed the vehicle.
      Since I don’t want a headache, as I am looking to purse an Ebike, and was told no license required, insurance, or registration required.
      The bike can go up to 33 speeds with pedal assist.
      In Florida, If I get this bike, it’s gonna cost me a bit of $$$.
      Probably cheaper, to look further to find parts for my car. LOL

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