Legal Search?


Mary asked: Can an officer go inside pockets without doing a pat down first and when the civilian states no consent to search and the reason for the stop was not true? The stop was because the cop claimed the civilian ran a stop sign.


Your question is not within the scope of this site. You may want to seek legal advice.

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  1. A person riding a bicycle on our highways has as much right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures as does a motorist or a person afoot. Assuming the OP asked about a person who was stopped while he or she was riding a bicycle, I don’t know why the second part of the question should be outside the scope of this website.

    I suggest the OP provide the details of what transpired prior to the person being stopped, because if he or she did not violate any traffic law, the stop was probably illegal. For example, was the bicyclist riding on the roadway, the shoulder, a sidewalk, or a shared-use path? And, was the bicyclist cited for running the STOP sign?

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