Bike Lane Card on Window


Howard asked: Can you place a card stating it is” illegal to park in bike lane” on windshield of car that is parked in the bike lane?


Then only related statutes concern throwing advertising materials into a motor vehicle or obstruct the safe operation of a motor vehicle.

s. 316.2055Motor Vehicles, Throwing Advertising Materials In

It is unlawful for any person on a public street, highway, or sidewalk in the state to throw into, or attempt to throw into, any motor vehicle, or offer, or attempt to offer, to any occupant of any motor vehicle, whether standing or moving, or to place or throw into any motor vehicle any advertising or soliciting materials or to cause or secure any person or persons to do any one of such unlawful acts.

s. 316.2045Obstruction of Public Streets, Highways, and Roads

(2) It is unlawful, without proper authorization or a lawful permit, for any person or persons willfully to obstruct the free, convenient, and normal use of any public street, highway, or road by any of the means specified in subsection (1) in order to solicit.

Advertising materials are frequently placed on parked vehicles without any apparent conflict.  It is recommended that you quote the statute on the card.

s. 316.1945Stopping, Standing, or Parking Prohibited in Specified Places

(1) Except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic, or in compliance with law or the directions of a police officer or official traffic control device, no person shall:

(a) Stop, stand, or park a vehicle:

6. On an exclusive bicycle lane

6 Comments on “Bike Lane Card on Window

  1. If they do this everyday just call the police non-emergency number and report them. Give them the vehicle color, model and license number, if you don’t want to do that then place the card under the wiper and go around. Most don’t know what the law is about bike lanes.

    • Bike lanes are for bikes, not trash bins. If it is a busy road and dangerous to go around them the call in about those too and remind them it is illegal to block the lane. They are not supposed to be used by runners, walkers either. If no one ever complains they will never do anything about it. Easier to just go around them.

  2. Thank you for answering my question. It appears that placing a card under a windshield is legal, especially since the parking person is doing something illegal. What are peoples thoughts about cards with stickers, making them more difficult to remove.

    • I would do the cards with stickers, that way when they see you putting them on there they will know it is you and beat you for doing it. Just the card would do.

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