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Steve asked: I live in a 400 unit “condo” complex in So.Florida. As I anticipate purchase of an e-bike, I’ve noticed that the rules of the facility (a very rigid, 35 yr old project, which prohibits “motorcycles, pickup trucks (including $85,000 Escalades), and motorized bicycles”. I’m concerned that I may have to transport a folding e-bike off the property to operate or risk running up against the HOA.
I’m hoping that with the “greening” of our country and Fl in particular, that some wiser, legal authority will assist in prohibiting local law and HOA type associations from effectively killing e-bike sales and use. Any thoughts and guidance that will help me (and others) to successfully transition to the world of e-biking will be appreciated.


Condominiums and Home Owner’s Associations are private organizations and can devise rules as they wish. Buyers should be aware of any rules in place before buying into any private organization. You might want to consider asking the board of directors the justification for the rules about ebikes.  Their concern may be about gas motor assist bicycles which are noisy and not road legal unless registered as a moped.

The FBA is considering possible legislation concerning ebikes in Florida. Please see this related post:


You may want to contact the FBA at this address to voice your views on ebike legislation.


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  1. Most likely they just want to avoid the place looking cheap and trashy, or the appearance that anyone has to work with their hands for a living. If you have a nice classy looking off the shelf ebike they are unlikely to care. If, on the other hand, you build your own ebike with parts off the internet and wires jutting out all over the place and a battery box made out of a U.S. Military Ammo plus a crossbow mount on the rear rack then expect to get a letter on your door.

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