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Steve asked: I have an electric scooter (““) – speed is less than 20mph. It has no pedals, but FL law says “human power and an electric helper motor”. This is a traditional scooter so no pedals but could be “scooted” by foot (if you really wanted to). The seat height is above 25 inches, but I don’t understand because most “bikes” in general have seats higher than 25 inches from the ground. Is my scooter considered an “electric bike”?


I believe your vehicle would be considered a motor scooter which must be registered and for which the operator must have a driver’s license in accordance with this DMV bulletin.

To be certain, I recommend asking the DMV or a local dealer for the vehicle.

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  1. The website says it is a Scooter, nice one, from what I see but without pedals I would say it is not street legal nor is it a bicycle. Contact the maker and ask them just to see what they have to say.

  2. whats all this about Handicaped/ptss-etc needing trans.,being able to drive on sidewalks 3/wheel scooter-etc. with NO question- as they are the same as illegal to question ‘service’dogs, blind asst. dogs, etc- how does one get around -who shouldent walk more than a couple miles and cant drve a car.Taxi soo mch $$ even ‘uber’ and neighbors not always available.

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