Mini Motorcycles


Brandi asked: I live in Florida and I just want to know if children have little motorcycles can they ride those on sidewalks or do they have to ride in the road?


With few exceptions, only human powered vehicles may be operated on sidewalks or bike paths.

s. 316.1995Driving upon Sidewalk or Bicycle Path

(1) Except as provided in s. 316.008 (Powers of local authorities) or s. 316.212(8)(Golf carts), a person may not drive any vehicle other than by human power upon a bicycle path, sidewalk, or sidewalk area, except upon a permanent or duly authorized temporary driveway.

Under certain limited circumstances, a local authority can enact regulations permitting or prohibiting certain vehicles on sidewalks.

s. 316.008Powers of Local Authorities

(7) A county or municipality may enact an ordinance to permit, control, or regulate the operation of vehicles, golf carts, mopeds, motorized scooters, and electric personal assistive mobility devices on sidewalks or sidewalk areas when such use is permissible under federal law. The ordinance must restrict such vehicles or devices to a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour in such areas.

Unless authorized by local ordinance, mini motorcycles may not be operated on roadways or sidewalks. You should have been informed of the limitations on operating such vehicles when the vehicle was purchased.

s. 316.2128Operation of Motorized Scooters and Miniature Motorcycles; Requirements for Sales

(1) A person who engages in the business of, serves in the capacity of, or acts as a commercial seller of motorized scooters or miniature motorcycles in this state must prominently display at his or her place of business a notice that such vehicles are not legal to operate on public roads, may not be registered as motor vehicles, and may not be operated on sidewalks unless authorized by an ordinance enacted pursuant to s. 316.008(7) ….  The required notice must also appear in all forms of advertising offering motorized scooters or miniature motorcycles for sale. The notice and a copy of this section must also be provided to a consumer prior to the consumer’s purchasing or becoming obligated to purchase a motorized scooter or a miniature motorcycle.

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