Bikes in Apartment Areas


Sandy asked: Can you advise the Florida law, or even Pasco County law on bicycles left in the breezeway of an apartment complex.


Apartment complexes are private property and are controlled by the owner of the complex. You should check the lease agreement for any related rules or regulations.

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  1. Sir Randall says:

    Generally speaking, a bike left on the breezeway (hallway) of an apartment / condo would be a safety hazard in the event of an emergency. Anything that blocks or restricts the ingress/egress to the apartments is generally prohibited by local fire code and likely prohibited by the rules in the lease or condo declaration. Unless your talking about your private patio area which be restricted to the conditions in your lease or condo declaration.

    -8 years as a property manager

  2. randall m tomlinson says:

    management should be called on this issue. if not resolved, call the local fire inspector and they will check into it and take appropriate action with the person’s property and the management of the complex. in most cases, bicycles and other such things that can cause ingress and egress hazards in an emergency situation must be removed. property owners and managers have the right without notice to remove such items as would the fire department do if needed. i have worked apartment maintenance in the bay area for 30 years. i have dealt with these problems many times and have never lost, even when accused of stealing the items. i always covered my back door through management and the fire department and the local police departments.

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