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Bob asked: My wife and I are coming to Destin for the month of February. We were thinking of bring our own bicycles, very common bikes that we ride in our small Missouri town. We realize that we would need to follow normal rules of safety when biking. We would possibly use them in Destin and in some park areas. Our bikes have no state or local license pates of any kind. Would that be a problem?


There is no state requirement to register or license your bicycles. Also, I can find no county, city or park requirement to register your bikes there.

Generally, bicycles may use roadways and sidewalks unless there is a local ordinance in effect. You haven’t said exactly where you intend to ride, but I can find no restrictions in Okaloosa County. There are some regulations in Destin parks in general and specific to this park.

Henderson Beach – Bicycling

The park does not have any bicycle trails or paths, however many of our campers enjoy bicycling along the park’s mile long paved road.  You may also enter the park by bicycle and enjoy a ride to the beach.  Helmets are highly recommended for all cyclists and Florida law requires helmets for cyclists age 16 and under. To preserve the natural areas of the park, bicycles are limited to paved roadways and are not permitted on boardwalks.

Note: The law actually says those under age 16 must wear helmets.

Destin, Florida


Sec. 15-36. – Traffic


(1) Confined to roads. Ride a bicycle on other than a paved vehicular road or path designated for that purpose. A bicyclist shall be permitted to wheel or push a bicycle by hand over any grassy area or wooded trail or on any paved area reserved for pedestrian use.

(2) Operation. Ride a bicycle other than on the right-hand side of the road paving as close as conditions permit, and bicycles shall be kept in single file when two (2) or more are operating as a group. Bicyclists shall at all times operate their machines with reasonable regard to the safety of others, signal all turns, pass to the right of any vehicle they are overtaking, and pass to the right of any vehicles they may be meeting.

(3) Rider prohibited. Ride any other person on a bicycle.

(4) Designated racks. Leave a bicycle in a place other than a bicycle rack when such is provided and there is a space available.

(5) Immobile. Leave a bicycle lying on the ground or paving, or set against trees, or in any place or position where other persons may trip over or be injured by them.

(6) Night operation. Ride a bicycle on any road between sunset and sunrise.

You can see the codes by searching “Muni Codes” for Destin FL or Okaloosa County

See other posts on this site for more on Florida laws about bicycling.

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