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Sherry asked: Where can I find out the Florida Laws regarding gasoline motor bicycles. I own a bike shop and have numerous customers ordering 80cc, 125cc and 150cc engines from China and attaching them to bikes. Where can/can’t these bikes be operated. Helmet law?


A gas assist motor powered bicycle is not a legal vehicle in Florida (except on private property) unless it is equipped and registered as a moped and the operator has a driver’s license. See this post:

The DMV Procedure that describes the requirements is here:

The requirements for mopeds are in this post:

See the other posts under “motorized bicycles” on this site for more information.

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  1. Over 50cc it is no longer a moped and needs to be approved / licensed as. Motorcycle to be legal on the road. If it cannot pass the DMV requirements as a motorcycle it is as stated before illegal.

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