Restricted Access to Public Road


Joel asked: Its a practice of some communities in Florida with public streets to set up gates and guardhouses. I used to ride freely through Golden Beach, but a few months ago they installed locked gates on the pedestrian entrances to the community. I know that these are in fact public streets because there was a Funded by Dade County sign up when the bridges within the community were rebuilt a few years ago. My questions, is this legal and is there a way I can force them to remove the gates, or disclose the combination to the locks on the gate?


Your question is beyond the scope of this site, but it is posted in case our readers have an answer. I suggest asking the city, HOA or condo board about the basis for limiting access to the community. You may also want to check with the local law enforcement agency about the restricted access to what you believe to be a public roadway.  Here are other similar questions.

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