Bike Lane Obstruction


Bernadette asked: Can trash containers be placed in a bicycle lane? Is this illegal?


It is not legal. A bike lane is part of the street or roadway. Please see this post:

See also this Tampa ordinance:

City of Tampa – Codes and Ordinances

Sec. 22-8. – Obstructing streets, sidewalks, alleys, etc.; exceptions.

(a) It is unlawful for any person to place in or upon any place, street, sidewalk, alley, landing, wharf or pier owned or controlled by the city and located within the city limits any article or thing without a permit therefor, unless such article or thing is otherwise authorized by law.

2 Comments on “Bike Lane Obstruction

  1. When I lives in FL anything in that lane except bikes was fair game. I can’t count the number of Keyed car panels, knocked over trash containers, or other “mistakes” I made. My advice is keep out of that lane, I’m sure other bicyclists feel the same!

  2. Please don’t key cars. Does no good and raises the level of hostility on the road. Maybe print out some informative notes and leave them on windshields if you want to do something beneficial.

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