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Herb asked: Since my 25 mph, Honda GX-35 1.3 hp friction drive bike qualifies as a moped, where do I get an inspection and VIN number so that I can pay my taxes, register it, and make it street legal?


You will need to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles in your county. Your vehicle probably already has a VIN, which is the vehicle identification number normally imprinted on the vehicle by the manufacturer and the invoice from the dealer. You might want to check the bottom of the frame.  If not, the DMV can provide one.  A title is not required for a moped, but the operator must have a driver’s license.

See this post for more information about mopeds:

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  1. His GX-35 friction drive is an add-on to his bicycle, so there is no VIN..

    He has to follow the procedure in RS-68..
    He has to go to a regional office and have an inspector look at it, to make sure it complies with the safety equipment required for a moped. If it does comply, he will get assigned a VIN.. And from there will fill out a variety of forms to register as an “ASPT” (assembled from parts) moped.

    All the information is contained within the RS-68 document found here…

  2. Herb,
    I just read FL is closing all county DMVs, and vehicle registry will be at the county tax collector’s office. You may want to check the status of your county. I hope they can handle the RS-68 questions.

  3. Where can I get a concise answer on how to register a gas bike in Florida, including a list of specific safety equipment required? Why is this issue so convoluted?

  4. This site is intended for discussion of the laws related to bicycling. Since we have had many questions about mopeds, and there are many similarities, we have posted this and other information. The requirements for a moped are in this link from the comment above:
    To register a moped or any other motor vehicle, you will need to go to your local tax collector’s office. As it states above, county DMV offices are now closed.

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