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Donald asked: I have a beach cruiser two wheel regular bike. I want to buy a gas 4 stroke motor kit for it so I may ride it with the gas motor assist. I am getting too tired to peddle and an electric motor is way too expensive.

I live in a retirement community and more than likely I will just ride it in the community is that legal? And can I use it in Florida on the roads or side of the roads with paved bike lines on it.

I see so much on electric bikes and that seems ok and some stuff on gas assist motors, which looks ok but not ok.

Is it legal to ride a gas bike in my community and on roads outside my community? In Florida?


A bicycle with a gas-assist motor is not legal anywhere in Florida, except on private property. It can be modified to be a moped and could be legal with registration, a license plate and a driver’s license.

See this post:

If your community is private property and is not subject to local law enforcement jurisdiction, your community may permit the use of such vehicles only on the property. Check your community’s rules. If local law enforcement regularly patrols your community, the roadways are probably subject to Florida laws and your vehicle would not be legal.

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  1. If your community doesn’t allow motorcycles and/or trucks more than likely a gas powered bicycle will not be allowed by them.

    No gas bicycle is all allowed on public roads unless it has complied with the registration that was set forth in the DMV procedures to register it as a moped.

  2. Also almost all four stroke motors are above 50cc and couldn’t be registered as a moped anyway.

    An electric bike is not that much more expensive then a decent four stroke kit.

    If anyone in Florida who does not have a license and/or would like to have an electric bike kit put together for them they can get a hold of me, either for more information or anything else at,…

    Gas kids are overrated, especially if the range that you want is somewhere between 10-25 miles no pedaling…

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