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Nicky asked: If an emergency vehicle (fire truck) is approaching with the siren going, is a bicyclist required to pull over and stop (2 lane road, no median) like the driver of a car is?


Persons operating bicycles are operating vehicles and must comply with the laws applicable to all vehicles unless specified in the statutes.

s. 316.126Operation of Vehicles and Actions of Pedestrians on Approach of Authorized Emergency Vehicle

(1)(a) Upon the immediate approach of an authorized emergency vehicle, while en route to meet an existing emergency, the driver of every other vehicle shall, when such emergency vehicle is giving audible signals by siren, exhaust whistle, or other adequate device, or visible signals by the use of displayed blue or red lights, yield the right-of-way to the emergency vehicle and shall immediately proceed to a position parallel to, and as close as reasonable to the closest edge of the curb of the roadway, clear of any intersection and shall stop and remain in position until the authorized emergency vehicle has passed, unless otherwise directed by any law enforcement officer.

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  1. On the other hand: “Every pedestrian using the road right-of-way shall yield the right-of-way until the authorized emergency vehicle has passed, unless otherwise directed by any police officer.” So if you’re riding on the sidewalk, which applies? Do you have to stop or simply yield?

  2. When on the sidewalk, a cyclist, even though operating a vehicle, has the rights and duties of a pedestrian.
    s. 316.2065 – Bicycle Regulations
    (9) A person propelling a vehicle by human power upon and along a sidewalk, or across a roadway upon and along a crosswalk, has all the rights and duties applicable to a pedestrian under the same circumstances.

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