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Marie asked: Are bicycle helmets and registrations required in Pinellas County, primarily along Gulf Blvd and the beaches?


Helmets are always required for those under 16 years of age by Florida statute. Otherwise, there are no local ordinances that helmets or registration for Pinellas County or St. Pete Beach. You can find local ordinances by checking the Municodes for counties and municipalities including Pinellas County


or St. Pete Beach


The only local ordinance related to bicycling in those jurisdictions is this:

St. Pete Beach

Sec. 74-2 – Bicycle Riding

Bicycle riding is prohibited on the sidewalk west of the private properties on Sunset Way between 28th Avenue and 30th Street.

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  1. Many police departments and Sheriff’s Offices hold similar events and obtain helmets at a discount from such organizations as SafeKids. You must be a SafeKids partner organization to purchase helmets through them. You may want to contact a law enforcement department or other local government agency such as your county Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee. Some bicycle clubs also donate bikes and helmets for kids and may want to partner with you. Churches are also a possibility.

  2. As of 2011 (Google Street View) that walkway in St. Pete Beach is only marked as ‘no motorized vehicles on sidewalk’.

  3. For Saint Petersburg. In Pinellas County.
    License Requirements
    •Every person residing within the City owning or having in his or her possession any bicycle shall register such bicycle with the Police Department.
    •This section shall not apply to retail sellers of new or secondhand bicycles when the bicycles are for sale to the public.
    •This section shall not apply to persons who are not residents of the City who have in their possession bicycles in the City. If non-residency cannot be established, it shall be presumed that the person is a resident of the City.

  4. Keithmj,
    Thanks for the comment about St. Pete’s local ordinances requiring city registration. Many communities have local ordinances that we must consider before operating any vehicle. They are numerous and varied and are not listed on this site.

  5. There is no requirement for bicycles to have flashing lights. In the state statutes, they are permitted in addition to the required lights. I can find no local ordinance that would require them.

    • I got stopped for riding a bicycle at night in Pinellas County. They require a flashing red light in back,and a white light in the front. However, this only applies if you are riding the bicycle on a ROADWAY. If you are in a parking lot, on the grass, or on a sidewalk.. the police can go stuff it. They can STOP you.. but they can’t write you a citation.

      • Bicycles should not be allowed to block traffic on a busy road. They stop sometimes at traffic lights and block cars from going when the light changes. the road is not the place for bicycles. I ride and I ride on the trail or on the side of the road if I have to. I do not block traffic.

  6. R. Beston,

    The legislators in this and all other states disagree with you and have essentially forever.

    s. 316.2065 – Bicycle Regulations
    (1) Every person propelling a vehicle by human power has all of the rights and all of the duties applicable to the driver of any other vehicle

    There are laws that attempt to facilitate the efficient flow of traffic. If you care to read them, they are all on this site.

    You probably aren’t aware that bicyclists were here first, and roads were first paved at their insistence since motor vehicles creates such ruts and other poor conditions that they could not safely navigate them.

    If you don’t like the laws, I suggest you address your concerns to the state legislators.

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