Advice about a Crash


Tim asked: My son was riding his bike on the sidewalk and was hit by a police car as the sidewalk crossed an exit from a parking lot.  He hired some lawyers, which used up the PIP funds and then dropped the case.  We are thinking of taking to the courts on our own as we cannot afford a lawyer. My son is now experience back pain that is probably related to his being hit by the car. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions you might have.


We don’t provide legal advice on this site, but the laws related to this situation are here. You will need to thoroughly learn all aspects to pursue it yourself. I suggest that you start with the tags “sidewalks” and “driveways” in the tag cloud.

I suggest contacting other personal injury attorneys. Most work on contingency, which requires no upfront money. Some of them also provide some pro bono work that would be at no cost to you.

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