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Raymond asked: I asked at the Lee County Motor Vehicle Dept. and they gave me your web page. It is very difficult to follow rules if you don”t know what they are and can’t get a copy.


I’m glad they gave you this site, and you can ask questions or search the site for the laws that interest you.

You can obtain copies of booklets that explain the laws and safe cycling at the Resources Center here:

Or you can download a copy of the Law Enforcement Guide here:

Most of the laws are covered in the Driver’s License Manual, but they are not fully explained there. Generally, the laws about cycling are the same as the laws for driving any other vehicle, with a few exceptions.

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  1. The Florida Bicycling Street Smarts booklet available from the Resource Center includes a 5-page summary of the state traffic regulations, in the front of the booklet (“Bicycle Drivers and the Florida Uniform Traffic Control Law”).

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