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Amy asked:  Is there any statute or law that prevents or admonishes bike riding on the sidewalks in the city of Winter Haven Florida- Polk County?


Local ordinances can be found by searching on the community and code of ordinances.  In this case – Winter Haven FL Code of Ordinances.

There is much discussion of bicycles on sidewalks in the posts under the “Sidewalks” tag in the tag cloud.

The following is the local Winter Haven ordinance that applies:

Chapter 18 – Traffic and Motor Vehicles

Article III – Bicycles

Sec. 18-102. – Driving on sidewalks, streets, and parking.

(a)  No person shall drive a bicycle upon a sidewalk within the downtown business district or any other business district and/or any other sidewalk marked for pedestrians only. The provisions of this section shall not apply to any authorized police bicycle when operated in an official capacity.

(b)  When signs are erected on any sidewalk or street which prohibit the driving of bicycles thereon by any person, no person shall disobey such signs either intentionally or negligently.

(c)  However when any person is permitted to drive and/or operate a bicycle upon a sidewalk, such person shall yield the right-of-way to any and all pedestrians and shall give an audible signal before overtaking and passing such pedestrians.

(d)  Bicycles shall not be operated side-by-side on sidewalks.

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  1. Section 18-101 of the Winter Haven Code defines “business district” as “the territory contiguous to, and including, a highway when fifty (50) percent or more of the frontage thereon, for a distance of three hundred (300) feet or more, is occupied by buildings in use for business”.

  2. Is biking allowed on the sidewalks of Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista? The municipal codes for Disney’s cities aren’t online 🙂
    (I don’t expect an answer to this.)

  3. Nathan,
    If there is no local ordinance prohibiting bicyclists on sidewalks, the state statutes apply. If in doubt, call the local police department and ask them.

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