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  1. Please note that the post about “bicycle parking” has been amended.

    Unlike maritime law that prohibits mooring to a navigational device, I can find no prohibition to securing a bicycle to a fixture in the right-of-way as long as it is in compliance with the regulations about parking, particularly those concerning interfering with traffic and obstructing traffic control devices. Note the definitions of “traffic” and “street.”

    s. 316.003 – Definitions

    (57) Traffic – Pedestrians, ridden or herded animals, and vehicles, streetcars, and other conveyances either singly or together while using any street or highway for purposes of travel.

    (53) Street or Highway
    (a) The entire width between the boundary lines of every way or place of whatever nature when any part thereof is open to the use of the public for purposes of vehicular traffic ….

  2. Okay, about bicycle parking. If a person locks his/her bike to a parking meter, do they have to “feed the meter?” If so what if a motorist comes along and also wishes to use that spot/meter?

  3. My guess is that meter for the parking space would be on the sidewalk, where parking is prohibited. I recommend asking your local police if it is not on the sidewalk.

  4. If I wanted to park my bike on a sign in a school parking lot, is it illegal. Also I go to the school.

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