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Connor asked: How old do you have to be to register a bike?


There is no state statute that requires or permits registration of a bicycle.  There may be a local requirement for such registration, such as a city or a school, and you should check with those agencies for the requirements and conditions.

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  1. City of Daytona, South Daytona or Daytona Beach?
    Those are three different municipalities.
    If you want to be on the safe side, just get it registered as a “homemade” moped.
    You need to register as such and have a current valid driver’s license.

  2. The only motorized bicycle for which a drivers license and tag are not required is that with an electric assist motor defined as a bicycle. See the other posts about “motorized bicycles”.

  3. the Daytona City police have taken a bike claiming it was stolen and I just BOUGHT that bike last month. they refuse to return it to me because I don’t still have the receipt! I bought it at the City Thrift Store and it was donated there from Walmart. I paid $35 for it and the check-out person remembers it. I can describe it to a tee!! they had no right to take it and I won’t stop until I get it back. At this point it is the principle! Why can the police steal from me?
    Deborah Siverson

    • Actually they cannot. Go to the closest police station and report it as an armed robbery and name the officer and badge number. If they refuse to accept the police report then request in writing the reason. If they won’t do this then go to the mayors office and file a formal complaint with the mayor’s office. Then contact the ACLU and tell them you were robbed of your bicycle at gun point (all officers are armed with firearms) and you want your bicycle back. The state of Florida does not require registration of bicycles therefore they had no right to confiscate it. The fact that they did not charge you with possession of stolen property is sufficient to prove your case.

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