Bicycle Registration


Connor asked: How old do you have to be to register a bike?


There is no state statute that requires or permits registration of a bicycle.  There may be a local requirement for such registration, such as a city or a school, and you should check with those agencies for the requirements and conditions.

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5 comments on “Bicycle Registration
  1. Luis Torres says:

    Do you need a licences and tag for a bike with a gas motor?

  2. Luis Torres says:

    Do you need a tag and licence for a motor gas bike in the state of Daytona Florida.

  3. Frank says:

    City of Daytona, South Daytona or Daytona Beach?
    Those are three different municipalities.
    If you want to be on the safe side, just get it registered as a “homemade” moped.
    You need to register as such and have a current valid driver’s license.

  4. geo says:

    The only motorized bicycle for which a drivers license and tag are not required is that with an electric assist motor defined as a bicycle. See the other posts about “motorized bicycles”.

  5. Deborah Siverson says:

    the Daytona City police have taken a bike claiming it was stolen and I just BOUGHT that bike last month. they refuse to return it to me because I don’t still have the receipt! I bought it at the City Thrift Store and it was donated there from Walmart. I paid $35 for it and the check-out person remembers it. I can describe it to a tee!! they had no right to take it and I won’t stop until I get it back. At this point it is the principle! Why can the police steal from me?
    Deborah Siverson

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