Bicyclists Pay Tolls


Tim asked: Are cyclists required to pay tolls while passing through a toll both?


Unless otherwise indicated at the particular toll facility, bicyclists must pay tolls.

s. 316.1001 – Payment of Toll on Toll Facilities Required; Penalties

(1) A person may not use any toll facility without payment of tolls ….  Failure to pay a prescribed toll is a noncriminal traffic infraction, punishable as a moving violation

The Florida Expressway Authority Act (Sections 20-31 of chapter 90-136, Laws of Florida) grants the controlling entity the authority to set equitable toll rates.

s. 168.568 – Purposes and Powers

(2)(d) To fix, alter, charge, and establish rates, fares, and other charges for the services and facilities within the area, which rates, fees, and charges shall be equitable and just.

It is recommended that you contact the controlling entity to determine the policy about bicyclists using the toll facility and any applicable tolls.  Signs should be posted to help determine the proper authority to contact.

4 Comments on “Bicyclists Pay Tolls

  1. Aren’t all toll roads “limited access” though? Wouldn’t that preclude a bicyclist from being there in the first place?

    • Cyclists are allowed on the Osceola Parkway and Goldenrod Road Extension in the Orlando area, since they are surface roads with a long distance between intersections. They are not charged a toll on either; the latter even has a bike lane/path bypassing the toll booth.

  2. There are 2 toll bridges in Pensacola, one charges bicycle drivers, the other has a lane to the right of the booths to allow bicycle drivers through without a toll.

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