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Passing on the Right

Question Alan asked: I do a lot of riding in downtown St Augustine. It’s close, cramped, and traffic is poorly regulated. These streets were laid hundreds of years ago and weren’t meant for heavy traffic. When I’m late for work,

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Wide Vehicles – Narrow Lanes

Question NE2 asked:  Why is 14 feet the accepted minimum for a “substandard-width” lane.  Florida Statute 316.515(1) says that a vehicle may be 102 inches (8.5 feet) wide, not including safety devices (e.g. mirrors). I don’t know how far mirrors

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Right Turns Again

Question Gary asked: This is in regards to a column, Dr. Delay, in a newspaper. The article states: Who has right of way? Bicycle or car? Reader wrote to the Doc about an incident she recently observed involving a bicycle

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Queue-Jumping Bicyclists

Question Dana asked:  As more bicycles and riders enter our roadways and ride in traffic with motor vehicles, I am concerned that certain bike riders that I encounter seem to display a righteous indignance about the “3 foot law” when

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Bicycles May Use Full Lane

Question Colby Asked:  Concerning the Bicycles May Use Full Lane signs, is this actually Florida law as stated on the street signs? I am familiar with the MUTCD but not these particular signs.  If so, I am unclear on how

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Two Citations-Identical Circumstances-Opposite Verdicts

Recently, a cyclist was cited for violation of the “keep right” provisions of s. 316.2065-Bicycle Regulations.  It was upheld in traffic court.

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Substandard-Width Lanes (More)

Question SO, in essence, are we allowed to take any and all lanes (ride in the center) that are “substandard”, either single or double abreast?

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Substandard-Width Lanes

Question: What is a substandard-width lane, and what are the responsibilities of cyclists and motorists? Answer: This is a revision of the earlier post about substandard-width lanes. I must admit, even after much study and discussion, I am only now

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