Stop Signs and Red Lights

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Bike Path Stop Signs

Question Jeanne asked:  Is it required that you stop at the posted stop signs on the bike paths if no one is coming? Is this considered a moving violation?  Some of the stop signs on the path off Hwy 70

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Stop and Yield Before Right Turn on Red

Question Christine asked: In Pinellas County I was traveling in my car North on Seminole Blvd and came to a red light on 102nd Ave and Seminole Blvd. As I approached the red light I stopped behind the white line

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Bike Lanes and Stop Signs

Question Ray asked:  There is a 4-mile loop bike lane in Miami, FL. around the Kendale Lakes Country Club.  I notice most of the times I’m approaching a stop sign around the loop, the cars at a stop sign get

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More on Stop Signs and Red lights

Question Linda also asked:  Is this correct and does it fit within the Florida laws? “At a stop, bunch-up and take control of the lane. This allows the group to proceed through the intersection as rapidly as possible.”

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Cycling Groups at Stop Signs and Red Lights

Question Linda Asked:  My husband and son ride in a large group and wondered how the stop signs should apply when riding.  Should cyclists as a group be treated the same as one vehicle?  Or would they instead, one rider

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