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Two Abreast Impeding Traffic

Question Michael asked:  I recently received a ticket for riding two abreast and impeding traffic on A1A.  The traffic lane is 10′ 2″ with a 3 ft paved shoulder.  I want to contest the ticket based on the 316.2065 substandard

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Passing Slower Traffic

Question Ette asked:  If a cyclist wants to make a left turn from the left turn lane, and straight traffic on the left is slow, may the cyclist pass the traffic on the left to get access to the turn

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Cycling Groups and Bike Lanes

Question Traci asked:  We had a large group (about 30) traveling north on A1A in South Palm Beach last Saturday, cycling about 19-20 mph. We were riding 2 abreast, where the riders closest to the curbs were fully in the

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FBA’s Legislative Agenda

Question GM asked:  I understand recent legislation makes changes to the laws about bicycling.  What are the changes?

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Lane Splitting (Que Jumping)

Question Eric commented:  Every once in a while people like to argue about why lane splitting or filtering should be legal. In my experience, people that make a habit of passing cars on the right, whether in a designated bicycle

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Right Turn Only Lanes

Question Nathan asked: You’ve said that FDOT no longer uses undesignated bike lanes. Is this why I’ve been recently seeing bike lanes that exist only to the left of right-turn lanes, and revert to shoulder before and after (forcing a

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Narrow Lanes Again

Question Scott asked:  Last week I was stopped by a LEO in Palm Springs, FL while riding my bike on a 25mph 10′ wide lane on a residential street.  My lane position was slightly left of the right tire track.

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Rights of Cycling Groups

Question David also asked: Yesterday (Sunday, April 1) on the Rickenbacker Causeway in Miami, a police officer was getting all upset about a group of about 50 – 100 cyclists taking up a whole lane of the road. He was

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Normal Speed of Traffic

Question Herman also asked: Does the following apply even if the person riding a bicycle is the only traffic on the road? s. 316.2065 – Bicycle Regulations (5)(a) …. Any person operating a bicycle upon a roadway at less than

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Passing on the Right

Question Alan asked: I do a lot of riding in downtown St Augustine. It’s close, cramped, and traffic is poorly regulated. These streets were laid hundreds of years ago and weren’t meant for heavy traffic. When I’m late for work,

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