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Bike Path Hours of Use

Question Marcus asked:  It has come to my attention that being on State Trail or Bike Trail is illegal after sunset. I have asked numerous times for the reference to the Statute Law of Florida regarding this exact rule.  No

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Bicycle Equipment

Question How many bicycle citations can officer can handout at the same time?  Four tickets were given to me: bike/brake/non/improper & bike/fail to ride right hand curb & front and rear light I read that a person on bicycle can’t

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FBA’s Legislative Agenda

Question GM asked:  I understand recent legislation makes changes to the laws about bicycling.  What are the changes?

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Lights During Rain

Question Scott asked:  Are lights required (for a bicycle) during daylight when it is raining?

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Bicycle Trailer Lighting

Question Chas asked:  Under Florida law, a bicycle is considered a vehicle and as such, must obey all traffic laws that apply to vehicles.  Vehicles towing a trailer must have the trailer equipped with lights and illuminated license plate.  Since

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Bicycle Lights

Question Herman asked:  Here’s a good question that was raised at  One can infer that there is a minimum brightness of head/taillights i.e. to be seen x feet from the front and rear of a bicycle.  Is there a

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