Month: September 2011

Skateboards in Bike Lanes

Question Max asked:  I go to a university and I ride a skateboard everywhere.  Until recently I have always skateboarded in the bike lane because I go just as fast as bicyclists and the sidewalks are packed with people. Police

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Right Turns Again

Question Gary asked: This is in regards to a column, Dr. Delay, in a newspaper. The article states: Who has right of way? Bicycle or car? Reader wrote to the Doc about an incident she recently observed involving a bicycle

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Question Emily asked:  I recently decided to ride my bike to and from work. I have to travel along a roadway that has no bike lane but has sidewalks on both sides. There is a carwash/restaurant that puts an advertisement

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Bicycle Parking

Question Maria asked: Where is it ok to park a bicycle with out committing an infraction.  My apartment building doesn’t allow you to bring the bicycles upstairs.  Is it ok to park it in the median on the road?

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Rights and Duties of Cyclists

Question Ron asked:  Does a cyclist give up any rights by riding on the paved shoulder while obeying all statutes?  Is the driver of a motor vehicle any less culpable if he or she veers off the road, hitting and