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Good morning. For local governments whom are not enforcing bicycle lane laws, to which State of Florida agency, should cyclists report or contact to? FDOT or FLHSMV?

As a cyclists myself, my local city government is not enforcing or monitoring its bicycle lane facilities, marked, buffered or protected. Motorists drive and park in these bicycle lane facilities, pedestrians walk (some with baby strollers), jog, and walk pets in all bicycle lane facilities. 

I have contacted my local government about these issues, to annoyance. I have contact my local law enforcement agency, who ignore me and brush off my cries for help. 

My local government’s lack and absent of enforcing bicycle lane facilities, has created dangerous, perilous, and unsafe situation for the cycling community.  In the way I see bicycle lanes in my community treated, gives me pause, and makes me think twice about using them.


Questions regarding law enforcement practices should be addressed to law enforcement agencies. FDOT designs and builds roads but does not have law enforcement authority. You may want to begin by writing a letter to the police chief or sheriff having jurisdiction. Other possibilities are your local Bike/Ped committees or your city council or county commissioners. Your county may have a CTST (Community Traffic Safety Team) which can address your problem. I have found them to be very responsive to public concerns.

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  1. Keep a file of all your complaints. Remind them of a liability shift for doing not to address your concerns. Anyone getting injured can use your file to get a quick settlement.

  2. I would welcome enforcement on both sides. Cyclist complain about motorists not falling the law yet they valet to laws repeatedly in my opinion. They do not stop at crosswalks when the lights are flashing. They seldom give pedestrians the right away, they do not ride in a single file as required by Florida law. Maybe F cyclist are held accountable and given tickets for not following the law the roads will become safer For all that utilize them.

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