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Patricia asked:  I am in a private FL RV resort with one way direction of paved streets not all having sidewalks. I saw an elderly lady moving along on her mobility scooter. She was directed that she had to travel on the direction of motorized traffic even though handicapped or with reduced mobility now. My question is that is this: Is this lady able to use her mobility scooter as though she is a pedestrian on foot OR does the private resort policy of one way streets that are marked as one-way take precedence?


A private community is not subject to state traffic laws and the board may design any rules and regulations it deems necessary.  Please check your community rules and regulations.

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  1. I fought this battle and won. Refer to the ADA laws. She is able to ride her mobility device anywhere people are allowed to walk. If it’s gasoline powered it can only be used out doors. Federal law trumps state and local laws. It technically, I think, public, even though it is private. For example, my device is an electric minibike, an ADA compliant wheelchair. Privately owned stores, and other places can’t deny me access. I wish they would. I’d due in a heartbeat. I could use the money! Spend some time learning the ADA laws. Quite interesting and useful.

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