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  1. An E-bike is a motorized vehicle. If the trail has posted signs that specifies no motorized vehicles, it is not legal. Furthermore, some try to skirt the law by stating the bike is power assisted. Well, the power assist is generated by an electric motor, thus rendering the e-bike as illegal.

  2. Disagree: If it’s under 20mph, it is a bicycle. If you have it in PAS 0, it is a bicycle without question.

    316.003(2) Bicycle – Every vehicle propelled solely by human power, and every motorized bicycle propelled by a combination of human power and an electric helper motor capable of propelling the vehicle at a speed of not more than 20 miles per hour on level ground upon which a person may ride, having two tandem wheels, and including any device generally recognized as a bicycle though equipped with two front or two rear wheels. The term does not include such a vehicle with a seat height of no more than 25 inches from the ground when the seat is adjusted to its highest position or a scooter or similar device.

    Bicycles equipped with a small electric helper motor may be defined as a bicycle and not require registration or a driver’s license.
    Bicycles equipped with gas helper motors are not legal vehicles and cannot be registered or driven on highways in Florida.
    This section also includes information about mopeds and motorcycles since some of the information overlaps with bicycle information.
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