Improper Citations?


MW stated: Not a question, but an attempt to make known that The Hillsboro Police Dept. is issuing $165.00 tickets on first offense to bicyclist for traveling on A1A between Deerfield Beach and Pompano.
Added to Light House Point’s blocking of bicycle lanes on Federal Highway, these municipalities are effectively shutting down a favored bicycle route in the North East section of Broward


You didn’t mention the reason for the citations.  I suggest asking the Hillsboro Police the basis for the citations.   A1A in that area is a state roadway and any local ordinance concerning cycling there would not be enforceable.

Broward County has a very active Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee.  I suggest that you ask them to look into the situation.

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  1. Had an active bicycle committee. I use to be on the committee when Dave Marshall was chair, it was quite active. The new board now meets only six times a year and one of the meetings is to decide what their agenda will be for the other five. They no longer allow anyone to speak during the meeting. I found this out when I went to inform them of the counties plans for a new bypass road in the port. They will not be allowing cyclist and pedestrians to use it. They county liaison did not tell them about it even though there has been many public meeting. I know because I go and speak out. The board made no comment. One of the board members said a bicycle lane was closed due to construction and the chair replied it is safer to ride on sidewalks. Other than me and one other past board member no-one was there. I very seriously doubt you will see anything accomplished by this BPAC.

  2. Steve C,

    Thanks for the correction. It has been a long while since I had contact with them. I am disappointed to hear your comments.


    Another approach is to go directly to the County Commission and express your concerns. We found that helpful in resolving some issues in Palm Beach County. Again though, that was a while back. I am no longer living there and don’t know the present status.

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