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Alan asked:  I live in a CDD community which means that the interior roadways are public and maintained by the CDD taxing authority. We have a clubhouse with a pool, gym and 6 tennis courts. Our community, the Venetian Gold and River Club located in North Venice has 1377 units. At the clubhouse there has always been a small parking area for bicycles and golf carts. There are 4 bicycle racks that can accommodate approximately 25 bicycles and there were about 8 spots for golf carts. In season, Nov to April, there are usually about 40 bikes that need parking between the hours of 8-11AM. . Recently, they redesigned this small parking area and added 6 spots for golf carts (total 14) and cut the parking for bicycles by 40%. Are there any law that require sufficient spots for bicycles or that prohibit golf cart parking to be integrated with bicycle parking.


There is no FL law that requires bike racks. In a Community Development District the decision of what services are offered and which facilities are constructed is up to the landowners/residents.  You should address your concern to the board of directors, which represents the residents.

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  1. Ok in my development I have an assigned parking spot. Can I park my three wheel electric bike in my spot

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