Parking in a Bike lane


Brit asked: Bike lane. I pulled off to side of the rd was at a complete stop. Waiting for my other half to get through the light.  Cop showed up lights me up. I Said I was ok. He snatched my keys out the bike.
Now he had no reason to stop me I was being safe. Then now comes the tickets and a through down to the ground after ran my name.   No endorsement lic  Lic suspended.  From 2014 
Then kicker driving in the bike lane. Ticket.
In all this never was I read the Miranda rights.


I’m not sure what your question is.  Parking in a bike lane is not legal.

s. 316.1945Stopping, Standing, or Parking Prohibited in Specified Places

(1) Except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic, or in compliance with law or the directions of a police officer or official traffic control device, no person shall:

(a) Stop, stand, or park a vehicle:

6. On an exclusive bicycle lane.

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  1. I think your keys confused people. Were you operating a bike or a motor vehicle? You were interfering with the flow of traffic on the bike lane? Busy street? Not sure its illegal to operate a pedal bike when license is suspended, but if it needed a key, note that even an electric bike is illegal to operate when license is suspended.

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