eBike Without Pedals


Peter asked: I have an electric bike that is only propelled by throttle and I put foot pegs on it as I cannot pedal because of a service-connected disability to my left ankle. I am 100% VA disabled card carrier. I love to ride my bike but was told I cannot ride it on the streets because it does not have pedals on it. Is there any kind of waiver I can get and if so from whom? I live in Florida.


You are correct that your vehicle does not meet the statutory definition of bicycle and likely cannot be registered as a legal vehicle in its present configuration. I am not aware of any waiver provisions in the laws but you might want to check the ADA laws to see if your vehicle satisfies those requirements. That is beyond the scope of this site. See this post for more similar information.  Perhaps one of our readers who knows more about the ADA can assist?


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