Dirt Bikes


Sebastian asked: Can you ride a pit bike/dirt bike on the street going the speed limit?


A dirt bike is a motorcycle and can be legally operated on the roads if it has the proper equipment, is properly registered and titled and the operator has a driver’s license with the appropriate motorcycle certificate. Please see this post and others on this site about motorized vehicles.


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  1. Jose,


    s. 316.1995 – Driving upon Sidewalk or Bicycle Path

    (1) No person shall drive any vehicle other than by human power upon a bicycle path, sidewalk ….

  2. Chad,

    You will need to check with the local entity having jurisdiction over the park. For example, St. Johns County has an ordinance that prohibits all motorized vehicles in county parks except on roadways therein. You can check for ordinances by searching for “Muni Codes” and the name of the county or city where you are.

  3. How about small children under 13, driving small dirt bikes going about 30mph within a populated and ungated neighborhood? No clear parent supervision

  4. Can I ride dirt bike in my backyard? Any specific regulation to the distance from neighbor dwelling? Would I need to fenced it, also any noise level regulations?

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