Helmets and Park Rules


Dennis asked: I’m 62 and haven’t ridden a bike for years. Can you tell me if I need a helmet by law? Other basic laws? I will carry the bike to a park on bike rack to a park, rules and regs for bike paths.


Helmets are required only for cyclists under 16 years of age but are recommended for all.

s. 316.2065 – Bicycle Regulations

(d) A bicycle rider or passenger who is under 16 years of age must wear a bicycle helmet that is properly fitted and is fastened securely upon the passenger’s head by a strap ….

Generally speaking, a bicycle is a vehicle and with few exceptions the operator must comply with all traffic laws applicable to other drivers. The details and exceptions can be found in other posts on this site.

Certain state statutes apply to bicyclists wherever they may be, such as lights, helmets, DUI and open containers. Other regulations within the park are under the purview of the authority having jurisdiction of the park. You should ask a park official or seek out signage displaying regulations for the park or bike path in question.

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