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Larry asked: I was on youtube watching some bike riding videos. On of them said “Be sure to keep one ear clear for listening for traffic.” In Fla. can we listen to a small radio with one ear plugged and one ear clear?


If you are using a radio, it is not legal. However, you may use a cell phone with one ear bud. I believe these laws were enacted when cell phones were just cell phones. Who is to know whether you are listening to a phone conversation or a radio signal?

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  1. Also consider that there are bone conduction listening devices that permit both ears to be clear and yet to enjoy music while riding. There are wired versions and wireless versions. Aftershoks is one model name, there are likely others.

  2. Another do-gooder law. Legislators can never do the hard things to make cycling safer but they can pass laws that no one cares about.

    • It is a bit of absurdity when you consider that automobile makers strive to keep out the outside noise and sounds. Emergency vehicle sirens are barely heard in today’s luxury cars. I have noted that it’s rare to see someone being cited for using headphones, even full can style!

  3. There are only seven States that say you can not use headphones while cycling. California, Delaware, Florida, Maryland, New York, Rhode Island and Virginia. What is ironic is that a deaf person can have a drivers license and drive a car. They also can’t prove that using them causes more accidents. I rely more on sight than sound while riding due to wind noise and surrounding noises.

  4. The way it was explained to me years ago by the then St. Pete Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Coordinator. Is that a communications device is legal, and given that a radio IS a communications device why should listening to a radio with a single ear bud be illegal?

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