Joseph asked: I live in Polk County. When night bicycling, I always travel sidewalks lights off. Roadway, private drive crossing, I turn them both on, Is there a grey area in the law that would make city police dept be ok with this way of travel, or is it like the county sheriff says, ”required unless on private property”?


The deputy is correct. There is no grey area. See this post.

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  1. I just wish, that the police would be more after incorrect bicycle traffic. (Besides pro-active of course to educate bicyclist, there are many in my city, however poor support from the city it self). Mind you not a ticket, but warning. Last night scared to fool out of me. Bicycle in the dark NO LIGHTS, on construction area of Hwy 41, aka NO FEEDER OR BICYCLE STROKE JUST 2 lanes! Mind you he did wear a yellow reflective vest.
    In any case no matter where you ride, be SEEN, VISIBLE and be ALERT

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