Bikes on Sidewalks Orange County FL


James asked: I live in unincorporated Orange County FL. Are there any prohibitions against riding a bicycle on a sidewalk?


Unless prohibited by a local ordinance, bicycling on the sidewalk is permitted. I can find no such ordinance in the County Codes. You can check for yourself here:

There may be an ordinance for a city within the county.

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  1. My neighbors block my husband’s wheel chair by parking their 6-bikes and 1-motorize child motorcycle on the sidewalk. We can never get down the sidewalk in front of our building. We go in the other direction hoping that when we make our 30-minute walk the bikes will be gone. The only other way for us to get into our house is to go in the road to the end of the street and walk down the car driver access road. We have almost been hit several times doing this. We would like to use the safety of the sidewalk. Are there any laws in the State of Florida about block wheel chair access to sidewalks?

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