Gas v. Electric Assist Motors


David asked: It’s me again an electric front hub gas assist bicycle what’s up with it and by the way i do have valid DL. An ebike is not as powerful as gas and it will just not pull my equipment trailer. I do not plan to drive a truck. I get way more jobs on the bike, yes most come from word of mouth but man they see my contraption going down the road or at a job, they approach me . So what up you got any positive feedback or just negative responses on gas bicycles period which by the way you don’t need a DL but it gives them a reason to pull you over because it’s unlawful to ride unregistered. You do have to have a dl once you register it. Oh, by the way if you turn on your video camera when being pulled over they will get back in there car a go for sure 5out5 times so far. I was just interested in your views is all thanks and keep up the good work.


A bicycle equipped with a gas assist motor is not a legal vehicle unless it is registered as a moped and has a license tag, and if so registered a driver’s license is required. See the numerous posts under the “Motorized Bicycles” category for the laws and details.

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  1. I know for a fact that an electric assist bicycle is just as powerful as a gas powered bicycle why do you think they make electric cars if they’re not as powerful as gas as a matter of fact most electric cars have more torque than gas powered ones
    I don’t understand why you’re so against Electric assist.

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