Bicycles in Work Zones


Jason asked: Can a cyclist ride through a closed road in a construction zone when the open lanes are narrow and not well lighted and seemingly dangerous to the cyclist?


Not legally.

s. 316.003 – Definitions

(79) Work Zone Area – The area and its approaches on any state-maintained highway, county-maintained highway, or municipal street where construction, repair, maintenance, or other street-related or highway-related work is being performed or where one or more lanes is closed to traffic.

Work zones should be so indicated by roadway markings, signage, or other means. All drivers, including bicyclists, must obey traffic control devices.

s. 316.074Obedience to and Required Traffic Control Devices

(1) The driver of any vehicle shall obey the instructions of any official traffic control device applicable thereto ….

The FDOT documents require that accommodation be provided for bicyclists in work zones.

2015 FDOT Design Standards

General Information for Traffic Control Through Work Zones

Pedestrian and Bicyclist

When an existing pedestrian way or bicycle way is located within a traffic control work zone, accommodation must be maintained ….

Chapter 11 FDOT Florida Greenbook

Work Zone Safety

E.3 Traffic Control and Protection

…. Provisions for the protection of work crews, traffic control personnel, bicyclists, pedestrians (in areas of high pedestrian use, construction of temporary facilities should be considered), and motorists shall be included in the operation plans. In all cases, the operation plan for traffic control and protection should include provisions for the following:

…. Pedestrian and bicyclist safety

Access for pedestrians, bicyclists ….

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  1. Boy oh boy. That wS s great question. Construction here on Hwy 41 leaves NO bicycle strip. U are forced to walk / ride on the main lanes! Traffic speed of 55 mph.

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