Walk Bicycle Across the Roadway?


Nina asked: Before you cross a road in Flagler County/Palm Coast do you have to walk your bike across the road?


If you are in the roadway, you have the same rights and duties as other drivers, and are not required to dismount to cross another roadway.

If you are on the sidewalk, you have the rights and duties of a pedestrian and must follow all pedestrian traffic signals. When the pedestrian signal indicates you may cross, you may ride across in the crosswalk.

If you are crossing a roadway where there is no intersection or marked crosswalk, you must cross as a pedestrian, which means you must dismount and actually be a pedestrian.

Another option might be to enter the roadway legally on your bicycle in the direction of other traffic, then legally change lanes and move across the roadway.

See this post for the applicable laws and more detailed information:


In some areas, there may be local ordinances that differ from the above. I could find no such ordinances for Flagler County or Palm Coast.

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