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Frans asked: I just up graded my bike with a PAS only electric bike conversion kit. (No throttle) In Europe the rules are very well defined which e-bike is allowed on bicycle lanes, which ones are not etc (Yes plate no plate the works)

So my question is: Florida states; A bicycle is a two wheeled vehicle propelled by human power. Which leaves most e-bikes out. My e-bike will not move unless I pedal. (PAS sensor). The motor only assist with the pedaling. (5 levels)

Is my e-bike a bicycle or not and am I allowed on bicycle lanes.


This is the Florida statutory definition of “bicycle”:

s. 316.003 – Definitions

(2) Bicycle – Every vehicle propelled solely by human power, and every motorized bicycle propelled by a combination of human power and an electric helper motor capable of propelling the vehicle at a speed of not more than 20 miles per hour on level ground upon which any person may ride, having two tandem wheels, and including any device generally recognized as a bicycle though equipped with two front or two rear wheels. The term does not include such a vehicle with a seat height of no more than 25 inches from the ground when the seat is adjusted to its highest position or a scooter or similar device. No person under the age of 16 may operate or ride upon a motorized bicycle.

If your vehicle meets that definition, you must follow all the laws related to bicycles, which means you have the same rights and duties as other drivers.

If so, your vehicle is a bicycle and you may use bike lanes or other parts of the roadway as conditions require. You may not operate a vehicle under other than human power on sidewalks or bike paths.

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  1. Any Ebike which holds to the statutory definition of a bicycle IS, by definition, a bicycle.
    If your question was does it matter if you have a PAS (also known as a Pedelec) or a throttle, the answer is no…
    The PAS system works EXACTLY the same as a throttle…
    They both use a magnetic sensor to vary the speed of the motor…
    A PAS system does not read “torque” or anything like that.
    It is called a “pedal assist system” for those states and / or countries that require you to pedal simultaneously with the motor.
    (You will notice that there is no such wording {simultaneously} in the Florida bicycle statute).

    • Also, as a side note:
      If you can’t “turn off” the PAS system, you can’t ride the bicycle on a sidewalk/bike path since the PAS system is active, even if it’s on its lowest setting….
      (Bicycle lane is not a problem).

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