Motor Vehicle in a Bike Lane


Sandra asked: I see drivers constantly drifting into designated bike lanes. If there are no bicyclists riding in the lane can a cop still pull them over and give them a ticket or is the bike lane considered part of the lane of travel as long as there are no bicyclists present?


The usual motor vehicle cannot be driven only within a 4-5 foot bike lane. Drivers can be cited for violating the following statute:

s. 316.089Driving on Roadways Laned for Traffic

Whenever any roadway has been divided into two or more clearly marked lanes for traffic ….

(1) A vehicle shall be driven as nearly as practicable entirely within a single lane ….

There may be reasons to momentarily and legally enter a bike lane if there is good cause, such as avoiding a hazard. A bicyclist in the bike lane would still have precedence, and the motorist should not endanger the cyclist.

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    • Lucky her. I begged for a warning but the cop gave me a citation for riding in a bicycle lane even though I was only in the bicycle lane for less than a minute overtaking a vehicle that had his Hazardous lights on. Its sucks being black in the racist country. I know without a doubt if I was a different color he wouldve let me off with a warning.

      • You drove into the bicycle lane on The right… racist has nothing to do with it…pass on the left…I’m a redneck if he pulled me over and gave me a ticket Is that racist…. I’m tired of the racist bull …..

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