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R Eldridge asked: Reading all this has left me really confused.  Is it ok to ride a motorized bicycle in Florida or no?


Bicycles equipped with an electric assist motor are considered bicycles and are legal vehicles.  Until recently, the law prohibited the use of gas assist motors on bicycles. This was our response;

However, it was reported that there is new law about gas-powered bicycles that was signed into law recently. I have not been able to find that senate or house bill. If anyone knows more about it, please advise.

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  1. There IS a law for “gas bicycles”.. That is to say, AFTER you have gone through the Florida’s Procedure RS-68, which registers a “gas bicycle” AS A MOPED.

    Anyone can google RS-68 Florida DMV find out how to legally register a gas bicycle as a moped (in that PDF, it gives you the steps required to register).
    Once that is completed, all you need is a regular Class E drivers license to operate on the public roads. (You will get a moped license Plate when finished with registration).

    • In other words, a registered gas bicycle is a moped. There is no “new” LAW, they are considered mopeds and the moped laws must be followed
      That means, no riding on the sidewalk while the motor is running (it can’t be on at all), riding as close as practicable to the right when riding at less than the speed of other traffic (minus all the exceptions), not CAPABLE of riding faster than 30 mph, etc.

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