Tricycle Mobile Food Cart


Melissa asked: I am interested in starting a tricycle mobile food cart business in a tourist town and want to know what are my rights? Am I able to stop traffic to sell my product in a small busy tourist town? Should I give local law enforcement notice before traveling the streets?


If you are operating a vehicle, in this case a bicycle, on the roadway, you must comply with all laws. If you stop and obstruct other traffic, you will likely be violating statutes and will be cited accordingly. You may also be in violation of the law if you stop and obstruct pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk or sidewalk area

See the other posts on this site for the applicable laws.

It is always a good idea to check with law enforcement about any Statutes or local ordinances that might affect your endeavors.

You may also be required to register your business with the state and restrictions may be imposed.

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