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Raymond asked: I live in Florida. Will I be able to use a three-wheeled electric scooter 500 watt power for simple transportation without breaking the law. I recently broke my hip ( a year six months ago). I know three wheeled bikes are ok but then I would have to use my legs some, whereas on this scooter with flat bottom for comfort is ideal. I do have a handicapped sticker, but i don’t drive and it’s a mess to continually ask my daughter to take me in her car.


Without knowing exactly what the vehicle is and whether it can be registered, it is hard to tell if it is legal. You are correct that it is not a bicycle since there appear to be no pedals.

It sounds like it might be designated a Motorized Disability Access Vehicle which is discussed in this post, however the statutory definition includes only gas-powered vehicles.

I recommend asking the manufacturer, dealer, the local police or the DMV if it meets Florida law for your purposes, and any registration and licensing requirements.

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  1. The 3 wheeled scooter without pedals is not a legal vehicle in Florida. If you want to have a mobility scooter with four wheels then that will be a legal vehicle. They do make electric bicycles with a place to put your feet. Those are the kind that also have pedals. That would be your only recourse for the use of an electric three wheeled vehicle.

  2. If your EV is a Trikke Pon e than it does indeed have pedals as defined by the Merriam Webster dictionary:

    1ped·al noun \ˈpe-dəl\
    : a flat piece of metal, rubber, etc., that you push with your foot to make a machine move, work, or stop

  3. That trike doesn’t have any kind of pedal.
    Even in its own manual it says nothing about pedals.

    It has foot rests but no pedals. And the OP needs something with a seat, anyways.

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