Bicycle Parking


Naomi asked: in Cape Coral FL is it illegal to chain a bicycle to a meter or street stop sign?


Yes!  Not just in Cape Coral but throughout Florida.  A bicycle is a vehicle.  Please see this post.

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  1. Is that because it’s within an intersection or on a sidewalk? Am I right that a sign away from an intersection, where a grass shoulder exists, would be legal?

  2. Yes to both, unless the sign is related to one of the other prohibitions. One might be the 48 hour limit in a right of way. Another might due to a local ordinance.

  3. Now, about the parking meter – is that also legal (absent local laws) if there’s grass? Or do you have to put the wheels in the parking spot and feed the meter? What about chaining it to a sign in an area with metered parking?

    And what if there’s a bike rack on the sidewalk? 🙂

  4. As is the case with a lot of the statutes that affect cyclists, it seems that the legislators did not consider these kinds of circumstances. I suggest that readers join FBA and help them develop their legislative agenda to resolve cyclists’ problems.

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