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Keith asked: I was wondering if an employer is required to provide a secure place to park and lock a bicycle at your place of employment? The business I work at has a bicycle rack but it is accessible by the general public during the day and anyone could steal the bike or something off of it and it is open to the elements, no protection from the rain or sun, I don’t call it secure. We use to have a covered bike rack but they took that away because no employee vehicles are allowed in that area and they consider or bikes a vehicle. I know some States have the Employee Bike Access Bill to help in this regard but I can’t find anything about it in Florida. Or is there such a bill in progress. Maybe we need one? Thanks.


There is no such state law in Florida and as far as I know, no proposed legislation. It is possible there is a local ordinance that would impact a city or county, but I am not aware of one.

I will forward your question to the FBA board for their consideration in their legislative agenda. They have had reasonable success in modifying the laws as indicated in this post.

I suggest you contact FBA directly as well. As always, I also suggest that you and the other readers become members so they will have the resources and backing to achieve their goals.

You may want to contact your employer and ask that they reconsider their policies and reinstall the bike parking facilities, possibly in another location.

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  1. This local ordinance in Jacksonville was forwarded by Steve from
    Tocknell Planning Services LLC
    This is the part of the Jacksonville zoning ordinance that pertains to off street parking requirements for bicycles.

    By Geo: Thanks Steve
    Note that there is no requirement for cover or other security other than proximity to the main entrance.
    Any other readers aware of similar ordinances?

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