Gas motors #25?


Daniel asked: I am required by law to obtain the SR22 insurance package due to my recent driving record. I decided to stop driving entirely to avoid the insurance package at the moment. I wanted to know if I rode a motorized 4 stroke typical Schwinn Beach Cruiser on the streets what are the laws behind that? I am told they can go up to 30-35 mph. Other than speeding in a posted 25 mph zone as a obvious one, would I be permitted to use the roads like a cyclist?


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  1. There is complete confusion on Gas Motors added to bicycles..
    Some say, they are classified as mopeds…
    Some say, they are classified as bicycles…
    Some say, they are not legal on the road…

    Your best bet, is to buy a moped and ride that…
    You do not need insurance for a moped. (But you DO need a license)
    Problem solved.
    If you have any questions…
    Feel free to leave me your email address and we can discuss it further.

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